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Exclusive: Oral Sex Sends 44 year Old Woman Into Spasm of Stroke.

While so many women can give anything to have their V region licked, it turned a harrowed experience for a woman in United Kingdom when her partner was performing oral sex on her and she suddenly suffered stroke and passing out on her point of orgasm.

Medics at West Middlesex University Hospital in Isleworth in West London said the patient was unconscious for three minutes after first suffering a headache during oral sex.

Her partner, whose gender was not revealed, said they noticed during sex that “her body was stiff”.

Doctors this week wrote in a British Medical Journal case report: “On closer history taking, the patient reported nearing orgasm while receiving oral sex from her partner before losing consciousness.

“Her partner estimated she was unconscious for two to three minutes, with no convulsive activity reported. She had otherwise been well preceding the event.”

Doctors initially thought she had suffered a seizure. They sent the woman for a CT scan and it revealed a “trace of acute subarachnoid blood” — a type of stroke that causes bleeding in the space around the brain. The patient’s bleed was caused by a small aneurysm, a bulge on a blood vessel like a balloon or bubble that bursts.

In the report, the doctors acknowledged that sexual activity has been “well-described” as a cause of blood vessels bursting because it increases blood pressure. But they said past studies have only seen this effect during full-blown sex, rather than during oral sex.

They wrote: “Older studies with [artery] monitoring during coitus demonstrate that during sexual activity blood pressure, as well as heart rate, is very [liable to change], with particular rises during orgasm.”

The woman was revealed to be a regular smoker, occasional drinker, asthmatic and had suffered malaria in her brain in her 20s, but these were not directly linked to her stroke in the report.

The woman spent two weeks in hospital in October 2018 before being discharged. Four months after her ordeal, the woman was reported to be well and still having check ups at the hospital.

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News & Announcements

Over Ten Children Dead, More Than 50 Trapped As Lagos Three-Storey Building Collapse

It is hue and cry in Lagos on Wednesday as a three-storey building caved in in Lagos, killing about over ten school children while leaving more than fifty others, as well other occupants of the building trapped in the debris.

The building located at the Itafaji area of Lagos Island was reported to be a residential building with several apartments.

The building collapse was also confirmed by Kehinde Adebayo, the spokesperson for the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency, saying that emergency officials were already on the ground.

Meanwhile, the cause of the collapse was yet to be ascertained, even as several persons were inside the building when it collapsed on the occupants

A distressed lady who took her aunt’s children to school was weeping bitterly. She said the children initially did not want to go to school, but were urged to do so.

“The children said they didn’t want to go to school today but were forced to go, the lady said while weeping at the evacuation site and calling everybody to help her. A teacher was said to have called from under the debris stating that about 20 children were trapped with her.

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He’s Alive, Presidency Debunks Death Rumour Of Man Who Drank Gutter Water To Celebrate Buhari’s Victory.

After stories went viral early in the week that Aliyu Mohammed Sani, the man who swam and drank gutter water to celebrate election victory of President Muhammadu Buhari, had died of stomach issues, the presidency has come out to debunk the death rumour.

President Buhari’s personal assistant on New Media, Bashir Ahmad, denied media reports that Sani, the man who jumped inside a gutter to celebrate President Buhari’s victory in the just concluded presidential polls, died.

Shortly after the presidential election results were released and President Buhari declared winner of the election, Aliyu, a staunch supporter of President Buhari, jumped into a gutter to celebrate his victory in Bauchi State and allegedly drank the dirty water.

Rumor was rife on Social media last week Tuesday that Aliyu had died from complications that arose from him drinking the dirty water in the gutter. He was said to have died after battling with gastrointestinal bleeding in the hospital for days after his public stunt.

Well, he had an interview with a newsmedia where it was affirmed he is still alive. Sani, a painter dismissed the rumour that he was taken to hospital over any form of complication

 “As I am talking to you now, I am on my way back to Bauchi after we finished a painting work somewhere outside Bauchi,” he said.

According to him, his decision to drink water from the gutter if President Muhammadu Buhari wins re-election was a promise, he took in the presence of people which he fulfilled.

 “It is true, I made the promise before the elections and I fulfilled it and I have no regrets,” he added.

To further dispel the rumors, Bashir took to his twitter handle to disclose that he had spoken to Aliyu as well

” I have spoken to him earlier, Alhamdulillah for his life, his life will in sha Allah be moved to the #NextLevel, same with millions of Nigerians. Aliyu did that for pure love, and he will see purest love in return” he tweeted

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