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The ideal spot for relaxation from the bustling noise associated within the metropolis especially after working all through the week to meet deadlines at our workplaces.

The JDN Relaxation Resort in Freetown, Sierra Leone located on the Beach Font at Lakka, provides an ideal serene atmosphere for weekend relaxation, holiday makers and Tourists.

The beach front scene makes an ideal and sublime relaxation for anyone which gentle breeze and whispering sounds of the waves that enables guests think creatively.

The resort boasts of well tendered rooms, with assorted drinks, a beach front party hall for birthdays, seminars et al. Most importantly they provide improved variety of seafoods like lobsters, tiger shrimps amongst others.

Safety is of primary importance at the resort, with proper security personnel to guard guests vehicles. The pillars of front beach shed sitting on an 18ft down to the clay.

Speaking with the Chief Executive Officer of JDN resort, Mr Desmond Ngebeh on how he is able to handle beach encroachment he responded by noting that “through the advise and support of Mr Thomas Lebbie of the Sierra Leone Disaster Management Agency , we are able to employ simple techniques of utilizing used Tyre’s to reclaim the beach front and this has become effective”.

He further emphasised that the driving force towards establishing the resort was borne out of the desire to change the landscape and provide prospects and customers an improved set up far from the usual makeshift structures associated with beach front resorts. “With JDN, guests can get premium services and facilities when they come to the beach and have a proper relaxation place as well.”

We enjoin beach lovers to visit the JDN Relaxation Resort for a memorable experience.

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