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Husband Allegedly Kills Wife At S’Africa’s Eastern Cape Police Station

28-year-old woman was allegedly gunned don by her husband inside the Madeira Police Station in Mthatha, Eastern Cape on Monday afternoon 7 September 28-year-old woman was allegedly gunned down by her husband inside the Madeira Police Station in Mthatha, Eastern Cape on Monday afternoon 7 September. 
The preliminary report suggests that the woman had gone to the police station to report domestic violence. The husband then shot her. The incident, according, took place on the same day President Cyril Ramaphosa elaborated on three new bills set to combat Gender-Based Violence (GBV). 

Provincial Commissioner of the Eastern Cape Lieutenant General Liziwe Ntshinga has expressed shock and dismay at the domestic violence-related killing.

“Whilst she was busy reporting to the police officer at the Community Service Centre, the husband entered the station and without saying anything, started shooting at the wife who succumbed to injuries sustained at the scene,” said Kinana. 

The 42-year-old suspect, who is believed to be working as a security guard in one of the prominent Security Companies in Mthatha, is alleged to have attempted to escape after committing the crime in the police station but was chased and eventually arrested by police.

“The firearm he had in his possession was confiscated and will be sent to the forensic laboratory for ballistic testing,” said Kinana. 

Ntshinga strongly condemned the murder of the woman and described it as “unwarranted” and “devastating”.

“The fact that the suspect followed the deceased all the way to the police station demonstrates a premeditated onslaught on the woman. This is very sad and unfortunate. I am, however, delighted at the rapid move by the police to arrest the suspect. Acts of Gender-Based Violence and Femicide cannot be forgiven, therefore, the suspect must face the law and answer for his actions” said Ntshinga.

A murder case has been opened against the suspect for investigation. Once charged, the suspect will appear in the Mthatha Magistrate’s Court on murder-related charges.

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Ghana: Ex-President Mahama Promises Scrap Law Banning Importation Of ‘Salvaged’ Vehicles

Flag-bearer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Ghana’s forthcoming election, former President John Dramani Mahama, has said the ‘next’ government would scrap the law that bars the Importation of salvaged vehicles into the country.
Similarly, the former president hinted, the next NDC government will also scrap the proposed increment in the import duty for such salvaged vehicles.

Mr. Mahama who was highlighting some aspects of the NDC’s 2020 manifesto in Accra on Monday evening, September 7, 2020, said the rationale behind the move was to secure the livelihoods of the many Ghanaians who depended on the sector for their daily bread.

The 2020 NDC manifesto is titled: “People’s Manifesto: Jobs, Prosperity and more.”

“We will review the Customs Amendment Act 2020 (Act 1014) to scrap the law banning the importation of salvage vehicles and the proposed implementation of a 35 percent import duty rate. 

“We are going to scrap it in order that salvaged cars are not banned and top duty rate government intends to impose on these vehicles does not happen. 

“This is to safeguard the local automobile industry so that our people in Suame Magazine, Abossey Okai, Komkompe to continue to work to earn a decent living,” Mr. Mahama explained.

The current New Patriotic Party (NPP) in March, passed the Customs (Amendment) Bill, 2020 an amendment of the Customs Act, 2015 (Act 891).

The new Customs Act banned the importation of accident and salvaged motor vehicles and cars over ten years of age into the country. The Act among other things provides incentives for automobile manufacturers and assemblers registered under the Ghana Automotive Manufacturers Programme.

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Sierra Leone Floats New Number Plates To Curb Crimes

In a bid to stop incessant crimes associated with individuals using vehicles to perpetrate such, the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRSA) has launched a new number plate series.

At the ceremony to unveil the new number plates at their head office in Freetown on Monday, Ibrahim Sannoh, the executive director of SLRSA, said the innovation was aimed at curbing the increasing vehicle crimes in the country.

He said the new number plates would make it easier to manage data electronically.

He explained that the new number series launch was in line with President Julius Maada Bio’s digitalization agenda for all government agencies.

The new vehicle number plates Mr. Sannoh said will put an end to the production of fake vehicle number plates which for a very long time has posed serious national security risks.

The number of police investigations and court cases involving fake vehicle number plates in Sierra Leone is very high and rising.

With this newly designed number plate, the police and SLRSA will be able to effectively track and trace all vehicles that are registered in the country, the Executive Director said.

According to the administrator of the management information system of SLRSA – Adisa Dosunmu, the new vehicle number plates have three unique features – a QR bar code, the seal of the SLRSA, and the coat of arms of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

Adisa Dosunmu said that SLRSA has purchased android devices that will scan the QR bar code on the vehicle number plates to identify the vehicle and its registered owner.

This new technology he said would help the SLRSA to identify and eliminate fake motor-vehicle number plates, and prevent the transfer of vehicle number plates from one vehicle to another.

The SLRSA has three contractors that are producing motor-vehicle number plates – Bilhaq Trading and Construction System, Sara Trading Company, and the International Associated Services Ecowas License Plates (IAS).

Meanwhile speaking on behalf of the three number plate companies, Mr. Sheik A. Fofanah – the CEO of the Bilhaq Trading and Construction Company said that the new number plates are the first in the West African subregion and that vehicles from Sierra Leone could now travel within the subregion without hindrance.

The Bilhaq Boss said that other countries within the West African subregion have expressed admiration for Sierra Leone’s new motor-vehicle number plates, and are hoping to emulate this new standard set by Sierra Leone.

He also said that the new and innovative number plate design was created by local Sierra Leonean companies and commended the Executive Director of the SLRSA and his Deputy for implementation of the country’s local content policy.

Mr. Fofanah committed the support of the vehicle number plate production companies to the mission and vision of the SLRSA and said they will maintain the West African standard of producing secure vehicle number plates.

Launching the new motor vehicle number plates, the Executive Director of the SLRSA was quick to announce that vehicle owner will not incur additional costs, as the production cost remains the same.

The SLRSA is going through a rapid transformation under the leadership of the Executive Director – Mr. Ibrahim Sannoh. The launching of the new vehicle number plates is the second landmark event in less than a month for the SLRSA.

Recall that two weeks ago, SLRSA launched its new vehicles E-Fitness technology to improve the work of vehicle examiners, as the SLRSA prepares to launch its first biometric driver’s license in Sierra Leone.

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Nigerian League Set To Resume As Govt Lifts Ban On Sporting Activities

Football fans in Nigeria who have been denied the chance to witness sporting activities would heave a sigh of relief as the Federal Government has lifted the ban on sports activities.
So according to information gathered from the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) source, the country’s domestic football league, the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL), for the 2020/2021 season, would very soon start. 

Recall that the Nigerian Government, through the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19, announced last week the return of football activities however without fans in the stadiums.
The announcement notes that the football resumption must be in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines which would be supervised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development and the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

The National Coordinator of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, Dr. Sani Aliyu, disclosed these during its weekly briefing in Abuja.
According to him, “Restriction is removed on outdoor communal (non-contact) sports and use of recreational parks for supervised physical exercise; andSporting leagues to resume with no fans in stadiums and with necessary NPIs to be directed by the Federal Ministry of Sports and Youth Development and the NCDC.”

This reopening has come as a huge relief for football stakeholders such as footballers, referees, coaches, administrators as well as journalists that have long longed for the return of sporting activities in the country.
Following the outbreak of COVID-19 in Nigeria in February this year, the Nigeria Football Federation in March announced the suspension of all football-related activities in the country until further information.
With this in mind, the Nigeria Professional Football League, the Nigeria Women’s Football League, the Nigeria National League, and the Nationwide League One are all expected to resume, revealed by an official of the NFF.

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Turkey Warns Kosovo Against Setting Up Embassy In Jerusalem

In a move that observers have said looked like spiting the United States, Turkey on Sunday urged Kosovo against opening an embassy in Jerusalem, saying doing so would undermine UN resolutions and hurt the Palestinian cause.

“We call on the leadership of Kosovo to abide by these [UN] decisions to refrain from such steps that would undermine the historical and legal status of Jerusalem and may also prevent Kosovo from being recognized by other states in the future,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The statement cited various UN resolutions stressing that the Palestinian issue can only be solved with an independent, sovereign, and geographically contiguous Palestinian state, with its capital in East Jerusalem, based on the pre-1967 borders.

On Saturday, Kosovar President Hashim Thaci tweeted: “I welcome the announcement of Israeli PM [Benjamin] Netanyahu about the genuine intention to recognize Kosovo and establish diplomatic relations. Kosovo will keep its promise to place its diplomatic mission in Jerusalem.”

Also on Twitter, Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti made the same pledge.

Turkey said it was “disappointing” that the majority-Muslim state is considering such a step, which would “constitute a clear violation of international law.”

Turkey, one of the first countries to recognize Kosovo in 2008, has given wholehearted support for Kosovo’s international recognition, the statement added.

“However, we do not find it right to build this process against international law and especially on the suffering of the Palestinian people, whose lands are under occupation,” the statement added.

Turkey’s response came after Serbian and Kosovar leaders met last week in a US-sponsored dialogue in Washington where they reached a historic milestone – agreeing to normalize economic ties.

Serbia and Kosovo signed separate agreements with the US in which Serbia agreed to move its embassy to Jerusalem. Kosovo and Israel also agreed to normalize relations and establish diplomatic ties.

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Four Boats Sink At Trump’s Reelection Parade

A boat parade in support of US President Donald Trump crowded Lake Travis in Texas on Saturday, generating waves and choppy waters that led at least four boats to sink and others to crash into rocks, local officials said, adding that no one was hurt.
“That was truly an exceptional number of boats,” said Kristen Dark, public information officer for the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, whose deputies patrol the lake. “Several of the boats did sink.”

Lake Travis is a reservoir on the Colorado River that is a popular spot for boating, fishing, swimming, and other recreational activities.
Dark said additional officers had been deployed given expectations that the “Lake Travis Trump Boat Parade” would increase the number of vessels on the water, but that they still received a large number of distress calls.

“When they all started moving at once it generated waves,” Dark said.

The event had been advertised on Facebook, calling for boats of “all shapes and sizes” to participate and for owners to decorate their vessels in “patriotic colors and fly as many Trump flags as she can handle.”

Despite the incidents, no injuries or medical emergencies were reported, said Christa Stedman, a spokeswoman for Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services.

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Why We’re Strengthening Sierra Leone Teaching Service Commission – Minister

The Sierra Leone Teaching Service Commission has come under intense recovery in recent times with an emphasis on manpower a personnel development.
The reason for this transformation, according to Dr. David Moinina Sengeh, the minister in charge of the Ministry of Education, who is also the Chief Innovation Officer of Sierra Leone, is to effectively develop the education sector through heavy investment in the workforce.

Taking to his Twitter handle on Saturday, the youthful minister noted that the emphasis is on investing in teachers and the school leaders as a way to improve education in the country.

He said this is why the ministry is strengthening the Teaching Service Commission through rolling out policies for compressive teachers management.
Sengeh said: “You can’t transform education without investing in the workforce (teachers plus school leaders).
“That is why we have strengthened the Teaching Service Commission; roll out compressive policies for teacher management and continue to advocate with and for our teachers,” he said.

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Sierra Leone Strengthens Ties With UAE In Digital Governance, Technology

Sierra Leone has made huge step in deepening diplomatic ties with the United Arab Emirates with a state conference with the officials of the Arab nation 
David Moinina Sengeh, the Minister of Education an Chief Innovation Officer of Sierra Leone, disclosed this through his official twitter handle on Friday.
Sengeh revealed that himself and Ohood Al Roumi, the Minisiter of State for Government Development and the Future, had their first bilateral discussion with their UAE officials all aimed at strengthening existing bilateral relations between the two countries.
He further disclosed that the two countries were looking at exploiting opportunities inherent in technology, imagination and digital governance to further the bilateral relations between the two countries.
Sengeh said: “H.E. @OhoodAlRoumi, Minister of State for Government Development and Future, and I had our first bilateral discussions this week to strengthen existing collaborations between #UAE.
“The strengthening will be done by using technology, imagination and digital governance + future @DSTISierraLeone #MOBSSE_SL,” he twitted.

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UK Govt Backs 20-Minute COVID-19 Test With £500m

A new £500 million funding package will support trials of a 20-minute COVID-19 test and efforts to explore the benefits of repeatedly testing people for the virus, the Health Secretary has announced.

According to, the money will go towards launching a new community-wide repeat population testing trial in Salford, Greater Manchester.

Existing trails in Southampton and Hampshire, using a no-swab saliva test and a rapid 20-minute test, will also be expanded through the new funding.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: “Testing is a vital line of defense in combating this pandemic.

“Over the past six months, we have built almost from scratch one of the biggest testing systems in the world.

“We need to use every new innovation at our disposal to expand the use of testing, and build the mass testing capability that can help suppress the virus and enable more of the things that make life worth living.

“We are backing innovative new tests that are fast, accurate, and easier to use will maximize the impact and scale of testing, helping us to get back to a more normal way of life.”

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) said saliva-based testing will be used for the pilot in Salford, which will involve the city council and other local partners.

A select number of residents will be invited for a weekly test, with the pilot performing up to 250 tests a day.

The initial focus will be on high footfall areas of Salford, such as retail areas, public services, transport, and faith spaces.

Its aim is to identify positive coronavirus cases early, including for those with no or minor symptoms, so people can self-isolate.

Results will inform how regular repeat community testing could be scaled up across the country.

In Southampton, the second phase of a no-swab saliva test pilot is due to begin this week.

It will see a weekly testing model trialed with more than 2,100 pupils and staff across four schools.

The work is led by a partnership of the University of Southampton, Southampton City Council, and the NHS.

Meanwhile, in Hampshire the pilot of a rapid 20-minute coronavirus test will be expanded “to further explore the applications of mobile testing in different settings”, the DHSC said.

Funding will also be used to extend the capacity for existing polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing currently being used in the UK.

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More Pains For Nigerians As Govt Increases Price Of Petrol

Even when Nigerian citizens are still battling with the economic realities imposed by COVID-19 and the country’s poor leadership approach to governance, the Federal Government, on Wednesday, increased the pump price of petrol.

This was done through the regulatory body, the Pipeline and Product Marketing Company (PPMC), which upped the cost of petrol from N125 to N151.56. 

D.O Abalaka of PPMC, a subsidiary of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), conveyed the latest increment in a circular to depot owners in the country which was obtained by journalists.

The circular reads: “Please be informed that a new product price adjustment has been effected on our payment platform. To this end, the price of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), fuel), is now one hundred and fifty-one naira, fifty-six kobo (N151.56k) per liter. This takes effect from September 2, 2020.”

Meanwhile, no sooner was the increase announced than marketers of the product started adjusting their pump prices.  

It’s likely that the new pump price, which came a day after another increase in electricity tariff, would draw the civil society groups and the Federal Government into battle lines.

Nigerians are worried that the skyrocketing prices of energy in recent times were needless given the excruciating pains COVID-19 had caused to their standard of living.

Observers had picked holes in the Federal Government’s recent deregulation of the downstream sector, saying it does not align with its role of fixing fuel prices.

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