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Prof Yinka Olomojobi Emerges With A New Book Titled ‘Exploring The Convergence Between Human Rights Law And Humanitarian Law’

Issues about human rights, international humanitarian laws, peace took centre stage at the launching of Prof. Yinka Olomojobi’s latest book titled ‘Armed Conflict: The Convergence between International Human Rights Law & International Humanitarian Law’.

No doubt, in today’s world, understanding the intricate interplay between human rights and humanitarian law is more vital than ever, especially, against the backdrop of numerous conflicts unfolding globally. ‘Armed Conflict: The Convergence between International Human Rights Law & International Humanitarian Law’ provides timely insights and in-depth analysis, shedding light on how these legal frameworks intersect and apply to contemporary conflicts.

Speaking during the presentation of the book in Lagos, Olomojobi, a legal practitioner, human rights activist and Professor of Law at Babcock University, Ilisan-Remo, Ogun State, underscored the need to avoid war and conflicts because of the danger they bring to the society. He said the use of nuclear weapons leads to human suffering and weakens global economies, stressing also that the danger of leaving nuclear weapons in the hands of corruption-ridden countries, as would expose the world to great danger.

The author notes that International Human Rights Human Rights Law (IHRL) and international humanitarian law (IHL) are complex subject matters, as they are interwoven and at the same time belong to different sets of legal regimes. Human rights law has been an effective legal regime and has made substantial progress of development since 1945. According to him, the main challenge of human rights law is that it has constantly been violated during armed conflict. “Universal standards of human rights law are seldomly adopted during armed hostilities, even though death and destruction are directly consequences of these conflicts; it is IHL that regulates the rules on how wars can be fought.

“International humanitarian law is a system of law that aims to cushion the effects of armed conflict for humanitarian reasons. This is achieved by placing restrictions on how war is waged, and protecting the rights of those who are not currently – or have ceased to be – directly or actively engaged in hostilities. International humanitarian law is also commonly known as ‘the law of war’ or ‘the law of armed conflict.’”

He added that, perhaps, even more fundamental, is that “the rationale behind IHL, is its human application, unlike human rights law which is of general application. What is particularly significant about IHL is that it is precise. It may be regarded as the ‘Queensbury rules’ of war. However, beyond the scope of IHL is that over the years, it has become increasingly difficult to demarcate the lines between IHL and IHRL. What is important to realise is that IHL is traditionally considered separate from IHRL, even though the two legal disciplines frequently overlap. Thus, there is a convergence between the two bodies of law. Therefore, this book aims at throwing more light on the argument that IHRL and IHL are complementary and are not fixated under any strict rule of compartmentalisation.”

In attendance at the book presentation include the CEO, Adron Homes & Properties, Aare Ademola Emmanuel King, who was the Chairman of the occasion; the Attorney-General of Lagos State, Mr. Lawal Pedro (SAN); Professor of Commercial and Intellectual Property Law, Babcock University, Dorcas Odunaike; Barrister Adewole Koko; Barrister Kemi Osunde; and Mrs. Adebimpe Audullahi Mosadoluwa, from Harmony Gardens & Estate Development.

In his remarks, the Chairman of the occasion, Aare Ademola Emmanuel King, commended Olomojobi for writing the book, noting that “a lot of work and nights of studies were put to work to write and publish this book which will be a reference point now, and in several years to come. The book is a great addition to the legal world. Having the book will do the society a great good.”

Also, in his remarks, the Attorney-General of Lagos State, Mr. Lawal Pedro (SAN) also commended the autor for writing the book, describing it as “a job well done. I will also have the opportunity to attend the next publication.”

Osunde, in is remark, commended the author for having the ability to put his thoughts together in the book, noting that “people will remember the amount of time and energy put into this book and read it. I urge you to keep impacting knowledge on people.”

A pivotal work in the field of international law, ‘Armed Conflict: The Convergence between International Human Rights Law & International Humanitarian Law’, is a must-read for anyone seeking to comprehend the complexities of modern warfare and its legal implications.

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