Rape Revelation: Helen Paul Is Like No Other – Funke Akindele-Bello | The Lafete Magazine

Rape Revelation: Helen Paul Is Like No Other – Funke Akindele-Bello

Funke Akindele has joined several fans of popular comedienne Helen Paul, in praising her courage for revealing the fact that she is a product of rape.

It will be recalled that that Helen Paul, moments after PhD convocation at the University of Lagos, took to her Instagram page to dedicate the PhD to her mother where she revealed that her conception was as a result of assault on her mother.

She wrote: “I HELEN PAUL dedicate this to my mum, you gave birth to me out of rape, they told you I wouldn’t amount to anything.

“I grew up hearing from family members; being called ‘bastard’ and each time I ask you, you said (Olorun lon owo omo werey, Olorun ma wo, e meaning God watches of the child of a mad person, he’d watch over you).

“Mummy I want (you) to know I love you, I might not buy you Benz now because I don’t have Pant yet but this certificate will amount to something great,” Helen wrote on her Instagram.

Since then, several Nigerians have applauded her courage, including celebrities. But Akindele-bello, who spoke to our reporter, said it was rare for people, talk-less of celebs revealing the circumstance surrounding their births, more-so when such has to do with rape.

“She is a courageous lady and I can only congratulate her. She is like no other person because it is not easy. I really congratulate even her mother who, despite the shame of being raped, allowed the baby to grow and be born. Today, that unfortunate incident has turned out good,” she said.

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