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Amazing Features of The New Tottenham Stadium.

Tottenham Hotspurs might have beating Crystal Palace 2-0 to keep their most-sought-after top four hope alive but what thrilled the fans that thronged the new 62-thousand facility is the beauty and the amazing decoration of the stadium.

Unlike the former stadium pulled down two years ago, which was called ‘White Hart Lane’, the new stadium has been christened, ‘Tottenham Hotspur Stadium’.

Spurs fans have many reasons to feel relaxed with their new £850 million home — not least because it has its very own facilities that will make them comfortable.

What a view – the fireworks light up the sky above the stadium
The spectacular fireworks
The golden cockerel sits proudly over proceedings perched at the top of the South Stand
Wow – the view of the South Stand and Tottenham Experience

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