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Alisson & Momoh

Marriage is an act that produces that untainted electrifying natural smile on the faces of couple whenever they say “I do” in the presence of parents, family members, friends, sharing in the joy that comes with the special occasion. Such was the feeling shared by Aloysius and Alisson as they exchanged marital vows before the officiating minister Reverend Canon Emerson Thomas and the congregation at Saint George’s Anglican Cathedral on George Street in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Power of Humor and communication: Momoh who describes Allison as his best friend and love says: “Communication is the hallmark of our relationship. From the onset, during courtship, we made it a point of duty to ensure that we see each other daily no matter the challenge at hand and our sense of humor forms the basis of our relationship till date. We both make each other laugh at any given time. Love is a matter of friendship, trust and believing that some one is ready to stick with you through the thick and thin, regardless of the challenge you both go through. That is what I found in loving Alisson.”

Allison also share some insights on “Secret to a Lasting Marriage”

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