When Dejan Stojanovic said, “Knighthood lies above eternity; it doesn’t live off fame, but rather deeds. He was apt in identifying the embodiment of this title for any individual bequeathed with such honour in recognition of their tireless efforts to mankind.

For the first time in the history of Blessed Micheal Tansi Catholic Church 7th Battalion located at Goderich, Freetown Sierra Leone Sir Christopher Ahonkhai attained one of the highest offices in the Catholic mission as the first Knight in the Blessed Micheal Tansi Catholic Church.

As he was presented before the congregation comprised of friends well-wishers and family members who gathered to relieve the joy of the day with him, by the officiating Clergies Rev, Father Leonard Bangura and Rev. Father Peter Conteh who both preached the need to be each other, brother’s keeper. He also used the opportunity to highlight the virtues of “Knighthood” in Christendom.

He also elaborated on the close knitted relationship the church shares with Nigerians from its inception and enjoined members to always seek the interest of one another. He further described Sir Christopher Ahonkhai as one member who had always presented himself for service and development of the church.

In response, Sir Christopher Ahonkhai, expressed his gratitude to the congregation and thanked them for accepting him as part of their family, and promised to uphold the values of his Knighthood in the service of humanity.

Thereafter, light refreshment was served to entertain guests, friends, and members of the congregation to mark the day in honour of Sir Christopher Ahonkhai.  


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