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Plane Hits Motorcycle On Landing In Guinea: Kills both riders

An Airbus A320neo belonging to TAP Air Portugal collided with a motorcycle shortly after landing in Conakry (CKY) from Lisbon (LIS). The incident took place on Thursday night and sadly resulted in the deaths of the motorcycle’s two riders.

Flight TP1492 landed on runway 24 at Conakry’s Ahmed Sékou Touré International Airport at around 23:40. While the aircraft was still on the runway, its right engine collided with a motorcycle that was crossing the runway at that time. Both riders on the motorcycle were unfortunately killed, and the driver is believed to have been identified as a security officer at the airport.

While the aircraft’s engine suffered significant damage, there were no reported injuries among the passengers and crew onboard. The return leg to Lisbon’s Humberto Delgado Airport, flight TP1493, was subsequently cancelled, and the aircraft remains on the ground in Conakry.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Guinea (AGAC) will now commence an investigation into the incident, with the support of the airport’s safety and security department. Both TAP Air Portugal and the airport expressed their condolences to the families of those involved.

In a statement, TAP Air Portugal said: “Passengers and crew are all fine. All safety procedures were followed, but even so, it was not possible to avoid the accident. TAP is naturally collaborating with the local authorities to investigate the circumstances that led to this regrettable situation.”
Conakry’s Ahmed Sékou Touré International Airport was the scene of another incident earlier this week, when an Airbus A330-200 belonging to Turkish Airlines encountered severe turbulence shortly before landing, leading to the hospitalization of five passengers.

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