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Hale End Graduate, Joe Willock Joins Newcastle United.

Barely a few hours to the kick-off of the 2021/22 Premier League season in England, Arsenal Football Club announced that Hale End Academy graduate Joe Willock is officially a Newcastle United player.

It would be recalled that Joe Willock had an inspiring loan season with the Magpies scoring some scintillating goals eight at the end of last season,  and Coach Bruce always looked forward to reuniting with the young English player.

A message from the Arsenal site reads “Thank you for everything Joe” with a love; All the best with @NUFC with a love emoji.

Joe Willock is one of the trusted youths recruited under the watchful eyes of Arsene Wenger for the future. His recent move to Newcastle United is said to be worth around the region of £25m.

Wishing Joe Willock the best ahead of the season.

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