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The rare modelled world of Nollywoods’s Frederick Nnaemeka Leonard

Tall, handsome, calm looking and outspoken with a well-trimmed hairdo and beard that match his looks, would most likely be a fitting description for Nigeria’s Nollywood star actor Frederick Leonard.

Federick, who is also a supermodel, once played a dynamic role in the movie titled “The Indian Doctor” and several other others, such as “Heartbeat, Discontent, Mr. Perfect, A better Family and most recently “Tailor my heart” with a reputation as the fastest growing star in Nollywood has kept his teeming fans on the edge of their seats

On Playing Dark Characters: In the eyes his fans Frederick is often known for his no-nonsense bully character and a wife beater but on contrary is an easy going gentleman (Laughter, Nnaemeka chips) “this is what training gives you because it teaches you how to become anybody at any given time and as an evangelist and an actor. I am actually irritated by violence and that is why…

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