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BBN Reunion: Alex, D-One Beg Teddy-A, Ahneeka For Wrongdoings

It was a moment of sobber reflection at the ongoing Big Brother Naija Double Wahala Reunion on Friday as housemates reveal hidden decisions and actions while in the show in 2018.

Alexandria Asogwa, who is popularly known as Alex, begged Teddy A and Bambam for nominating them for eviction, the result of which led to Bambam leaving the house.

“I felt bad after nominating Teddy A and Bambam for eviction. I felt bad please forgive me. I never like them initially and felt that they should leave the house. So forgive me,” she said.

Likewise, D-One urged Ahneeka to forgive him for turning her down.
It started during the show in 2018 when Ebuka, the moderator, asked each of the ladies in the house to choose a male companion. Ahneeka, on a bended knee, asked D-One to be her male companion, a request the latter turned down before all the housemates. He later accepted Vandora, which, as she revealed on Friday during the reunion, pricked her pride.

Meanwhile, also on bended knee, D-One begged Ahneeka for forgiveness. The lady also jovially turned the apology down, mimmicking the same treatment meted out to her. It was getting hot in the house until Ebuka intervened.

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