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Fallen Music Career: Is Waje Reaping From Poor Relationship With Colleagues?

It is no longer news that popular Nigerian female artist, Aijuaje Iruobe, widely known as Waje,  has ended her romance with music after she complained that all her investment in the art had failed to make any return to her.

But the news is the major reason the crooner failed to reap from the trade she love so much, even as other female musicians like Tiwa Savage, Omowunmi and others have been smiling to the banks with their arts.

It is not news that Waje decided to play solo and could not lay her hands on any endorsement from record labels across the country; but it has been gathered that apart from one or two artistes, Waje was not in good terms with a number of them, some of whom own known record labels.

For instant, in 2017, it was reported that Waje was on the verge of joining Marvin Records but the artiste turned it down, citing indifferences in her relationship with some of the artistes on the label as the reason.

Consequently, even when fans clamoured for a next album from her, which was released this year, it failed to make appreciable impact in the market because of a combination of factors, which industry analysts said was her soured relationship with fellow artistes.

For example, it has been rumoured that in the ‘Music is not for me’ video which the artiste published across all her social media platforms including her Youtube Page, Waje emphasised that she had been investing in her music career and she had not been reaping as much as she should from her music.

She lamented that her latest album, which she thinks is one of the best that has come out of Nigeria, has been largely ignored.

In her words,

“I’m frustrated, I am really tired. I no longer believe that this thing is working. I am respecting in this thing that we do but there is also bowing out when the applause is loudest,”

she told members of her team whom she identified as Tolani and Fatima.

“I do not have faith in it anymore. Nobody will say that I have failed or anything. The point is that I am not willing to do this thing anymore. Do you know how much I have invested in this career thing?“There is nothing wrong with change. There are other things I am good at; maybe it is fair to give it a rest and try other things. If you people do not understand, it is my money that I am spending in this thing and I am tired of putting my money in something that I do not have faith in.”

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