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These fourteen letter words depicts huge painstaking task, it is a way paving word, it is a dream making word and also a real call to duty.

The English dictionary defines it as the state of being the person who caused something to happen, a duty or task that you are required or expected to do.

Whatever dream or ambition you have, you MUST be ready to take adequate responsibility for what you believe in and damn the consequences. This is because people will write you off, people will cry you down, they will disappoint You, they will ridicule You, but what you choose to make out of all the barrage of challenges and truck loads of setbacks that you face becomes your responsibility.

The economy may be so bad to the point that all your investments appear to have been washed off with the global torrent of hardships. When you choose to commit your commitment to your commitment and take the responsibility to keep the BELIEF even when nobody sees the STAR in you. You will eventually stand the test of time and achieve your dream, because your belief must fire your consciousness into that conscious state of mind to accomplish everything that you believe in.

Those challenges are exactly what will make up the story of your life, as one wise man puts it, that the success of men lies in their stories.

Back in the days when a man informs his family members that he is ready to marry, usually there is an ominous sense of reaffirmed believe within the family that “our son have come of age, we hope he Can, we hope he is ready for it”. Indicating readiness to shoulder responsibilities beyond one’s imagination.

In our today’s world, it is a different ball game. “We” call it the “Jet age”, “the new generation”, but in actual sense of it, what we have in most cases now, are baby fathers.

Fatherhood is a deep sitting responsibility that goes beyond impregnating a lady or a woman. Overtime, we have observed in most cases, which is rampant in our society, where young men are virtually assisted by their  family members offset the bride price of those they impregnated as a result of some unlawful act that resulted into delivering of the miracle of GOD called “child”.

Hummmmm! I know that my statement must be offending some boys’ sorry men now. Yes, exactly that is the point of this write up because I want to galvanize something in you for greatness because I know it is inside of you and that you have the power to make it happen……….

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