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2023 Gov Election: NNPP in Ogun state vows to sue INEC for omitting party’s name

Olufemi Ajadi, the New Nigeria Peoples Party’s candidate for governor in Ogun State, has pledged that the party will file a lawsuit against the Independent National Election Commission for failing to include the party’s name on the ballots.

Ajadi voiced concern that only the party’s logo was on the ballot paper, but the name was glaringly absent, shortly after casting his vote at Ofada in the state’s Obafemi-Owode Local Government Area.

Ajadi said, “We can’t see security everywhere. In my polling unit, the APC gathered thugs to attack me. I’m so disappointed.

“They were dragging guns with my security. This is not an election.

“On the ballot paper, I can’t see my party, the NNPP. We wrote to INEC to make amendment after the initial election.

“Today, we can’t find our party’s name on the ballot paper, only the logo. It’s so disappointing.

“By the grace of God, we are going to court to challenge INEC on why our party’s name was omitted on the ballot paper.

Asked if he had confidence in INEC, he responded, “I don’t have confidence in INEC. They have disappointed Nigerians. It’s a total disappointment.”

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