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Nigerians ‘Locked in Room’ Cry Out for Help As UAE Stops Under 35 From Entering the Country“

Despite holding a visa, many Nigerians attempting to go to Dubai are denied entry at various United Arab Emirates (UAE) airports

Some of those affected have resorted to social media to request assistance, saying that they are being held in a room. The UAE government has been very strict with young Nigerians entering the country in recent weeks

Following the refusal of entry by the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), more young Nigerians have gone to social media to seek assistance.
In recent weeks, videos and photographs have emerged online depicting Nigerians, particularly those under the age of 35, being forced to sleep at airports.

This follows stiffer visa regulations introduced by United Arab Emirates (UAE) for Nigerians. The new rules followed a recent public disturbance by some Africans, most of whom were allegedly Nigerians in Dubai.
You will recall that a video emerged last week, in which some African youths, believed to be Nigerian nationals, were seen fighting in a Dubai community and destroying public properties.

UAE changes Visa requirements for Nigerians. Following the incidents, UAE announced three new Nigerian requirements mandatory for all visa applicants to provide.
The three updated requirements are hotel reservation/place of stay in UAE, six-month bank statement, and return flight ticket.

While the UAE government did not state any specific reason for the new requirement, travel experts have said the decision was taken to reduce the influx of persons with criminal intent into the country.
The measure appears to have failed to deter Nigerians from entering the country, and airport authorities have chosen to do the profiling themselves at the airport. I’m at Dubai international airport and some tiger Nigerians with valid Visas are being held in a room hours after arriving with no explanation and no information on what we can do. Please help me. There are more than 20 of us

Nigerians react
Abiodun Bello said:

“What are you guys looking for in Dubai. They made their immigration information very clear that they will only allow family to enter not single person but you guys ignored and ventured on the wasted journey”

omole_remilekun added:
“Sorry for the situation you people found your in Dubai, but let me tell you the bitter truth eeh from that room that you people are, you’re all coming back to Nigeria accordingly depending on the flight that you travel with. I have similar issue in Bahrain in July before I know”

Pilots reportedly sleep

In another development, a serious tragic incident was averted after pilots flying Ethiopian Airlines missed landing.

The pilots were reportedly asleep while approaching the airport, leading to panic among passengers.

Ethiopian Airlines have now decided to suspend the two pilots with further investigation to be carried out.

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