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My Viral Videos Are Doctored – Mummy G.O Claims

Mummy G.O has claimed that her viral videos are doctored
Funmilayo Adebayo, the controversial Nigerian evangelist nicknamed Mummy GO, has claimed that many viral videos of her scaring a church audience with preachings about hell are doctored.

This online platform reports that Mummy GO became a viral sensation on social media over sermons propagating unorthodox moral standards.
The clergy, in an interview with BBC Pidgin, addressed the mixed reactions that have trailed her teachings. She said even Lucifer won’t make some of the comments that have been attributed to her on social media. “I’ve seen those videos but I didn’t feel bad because none of those posting these things are my enemies. 90 percent of them are just catching fun on social media and jumping on trends. They don’t know me,” Mummy GO said.

“Many don’t know the scandalous reasons why it started. In Nigeria, stress is too much for the youth. People need what will make them laugh. Some didn’t even know I exist. I didn’t say those things. Most of the videos are edited.

“Even Lucifer won’t say those things if he were to become pastor not to talk of a preacher. Those doing it started eight years ago. They first used magazines but started sending armed people to pursue me when it didn’t work.

“My preachings are in the bible. I’ve been receiving some strange calls, ‘evangelist Funmi, you’re affecting us. Many of our members here are pulling out of our church. If you don’t stop, we’ll kill you.’ I thought it was just a threat.

“People started pursuing us with guns. They have been threatening my life but I didn’t change. So they went to use social media. If they say my preaching is hard, if the word of God is hard, let the few that believe follow me.”

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