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“It Does Happen To Men” Breaks The Myth

In a sane society, people would laugh over the perspective of domestic violence by a female against her male counterpart. In fact, to some people,  such a thing is more of an exception, and could not be contemplated. It sounds incredible and borders on the impossible. But in today’s world, is it?

Over the years, the issue of domestic violence has become a threat to the psyche of victims who may be spouses, irrespective of the legal or domiciliary status of the relationship in which it occurs. Physical and sexual assault accompanied by verbal intimidation and physical abuse is never accepted as a norm in any society. Yet, there are individuals who have suffered low esteem due to their inability to find a listening ear they can confide in, to explain or discuss their challenges.

However, women have enjoyed much publicity because of their assumed vulnerability to the overpowering strength of the man. Notwithstanding, there are also women whose violent and temperamental disposition has taken a bitter toll on the personality of a spouse who chooses not to retaliate, or hit a woman.

Β It Does Happen To Men is a real-life diary of the day-to-day challenges a man went through in marriage. The author, James Mackie, encapsulates in realism the experience in the hands of a typical woman with an upending character that demeans the personality of a man. It cancels the general thought that men often do take advantage of the opposite sex, because of their assumed weakness.

It is a must-read for couples, singles, marriage counselors, scholars, and religious leaders, etc. You never can tell, someone out there may need to be saved from the horrors of domestic violence within the hallowed precincts of a family in your neighborhood.

“It Does Happen To Men” serves as a voice and provides a line of action to take when marital tides get rough and tough with uncertainties.

*Mackie is a professional life coach and a motivational speaker who is passionate in giving back to society. Watch out for an exclusive interview with the author.

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