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Joana Sanz, the wife of Dani Alves files for divorce after her husband was detained on suspicion of sexual assault.

Joana Sanz, the wife of Dani Alves, a prominent soccer player for Brazil, has filed for divorce after learning that her husband was taken into custody on suspicion of sexual assault.

The alleged assault happened on December 30 at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona, and the football player was taken into custody on January 20.

He is still being held without bond pending his trial. At the time, he was a player for the Mexican team Pumas, but his contract with them has since been cancelled.

According to the Ana Rosa Programme, the footballer has apparently received a divorce petition from his present wife Joana Sanz through his attorney.

The reason for the divorce, according to the program, is not because the footballer is guilty or not, but rather that he has admitted to the infidelity.

“His lawyers have told him because last week she asked for a ‘vis a vis’ and he said he didn’t want to”, said journalist Leticia Requejo.

She also added, “They also tell me that Joana regrets these first statements defending her boyfriend, decisions that she makes because of Dani Alves‘ lawyer”.

Alves reportedly turned down the chance to meet with his wife or visit with his immediate family. A maximum of six people will be permitted entry in the latter scenario. The player also seemed to have discounted this possibility.

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