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How 26-Year-Old Lady St@bbed Boyfriend To Death Over S£x

In a tragic turn of events, 26-year-old Sarah Nwankpo has found herself in the custody of the Rivers State Criminal Investigation Department after admitting to the killing of her male acquaintance, Igbodike Anthony, in Port Harcourt.

The unfortunate incident unfolded during a heated argument over increased sexual intimacy demands at Anthony’s residence in the Obiri-Ikwerre area. Sarah, a Senior Secondary School 3 dropout from Ebonyi State, had relocated to Port Harcourt in search of better opportunities just four months before the incident.

Confessing the crime, Sarah revealed that she had discreetly left her boyfriend’s place to meet the deceased on December 22, 2023. The situation took a grim turn when Anthony allegedly insisted on more intimate engagement, leading to a verbal altercation escalating into a physical altercation. In self-defense, Sarah fatally stabbed Anthony with a dagger attached to the detachable head of a walking cane.

Sarah shared her account of the events, explaining, “I met him (late Igbodike) in 2017, in Enugu… On December 22, 2023, he called again and invited me to come over to his place.” She described rejecting his advances, which led to a confrontation and ultimately the tragic outcome.

The police were alerted when the disturbance caught the attention of the building owner and his family members. Sarah’s attempt to flee the scene was thwarted by Anthony’s resistance, leading to her apprehension by the promptly arriving police.

While in custody, Sarah underwent questioning from both the police and the deceased’s family, providing details of the distressing incident. Commissioner of Police CP Olatunji Disu of the Rivers State Police Command stressed the importance of caution in relationships and condemned resorting to violence, emphasizing that “violence is never the answer and can lead to devastating consequences for all parties involved.” The investigation into the case is ongoing, according to CP Disu.

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