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There have been several controversies regarding the COVID – 19 jabs as people are reluctant to take the vaccine, especially amongst professional footballers.

But on the contrary, Anthony Johnson has a different opinion regarding sports personalities’ reluctance to take the jab, as a survivor, he said that “I know there are footballers out there who are reluctant to get the Covid vaccine, and I understand why. I was one of those who just hadn’t got round to it. But reflecting on that now, I really can’t believe how stupid I was and the experiences I’ve been through in the past six weeks, which have put an awful strain on myself and, more importantly, my family; Just six weeks ago I was feeling like I was on the point of death, collapsing in hospital and having to be rescued by nurses. I was reduced to a shadow of myself, all because I hadn’t got round to doing something potentially life-saving”.

Anthony continued his admonition saying “It was pure stupidity on my part. I’m not an anti-vaxxer and I fully intended to get round to having the jab. And I have had my first jab now. But, being busy with pre-season training at Chester, it was just the bottom of my priority list. That’s the best way of describing it. I’d had Covid last year, so I thought I couldn’t get it again. And I’m 38, fit and healthy. So I reckoned there really was very little risk. It just didn’t seem that important; how mad is that? Basically, I was saying that living and being healthy was the bottom of my priority list! Taking training, work meetings, picking the kids up were higher priorities than staying alive.

At the beginning of the summer, I tested positive for Covid, which surprised me as I’d had it before, though looking back, I guess that was a different variant to the current Delta one. I was isolating but after a week, I wasn’t improving. In fact, I was getting worse, which is when my wife called an ambulance; I hadn’t really grasped the seriousness of it. As the paramedics were coming into my bedroom, I could hear them reassuring my wife and telling her that with younger people, they tend to leave them at home to recover. Then they took my blood oxygen levels and as soon as they did, you saw them looking at each other, thinking: ‘We’ve got to get him in.’

Anthony who collapsed while struggling to get into the ambulance un-aided and was later rushed to the hospital noted that “We were there for three or four hours, waiting to be admitted and those hours were the worst of my life; When I was admitted, there were people running around and they ended up injecting me with something to help my oxygen levels. I was at such a low point, I just started crying, it was that painful.

As he continued to explain his ordeal during his life-threatening challenge from COVID-19 said “I was totally out of control. People talk about Covid being a flu or a cough but I’m lying on a bed in hospital, feeling like I was poisoned with no control, just shivering and rattling; I woke up the next morning in the hospital, with nurses checking me every hour. I hadn’t really slept, so I asked the doctors to leave me alone. It seemed to me there were patients older than me, in their 60s and 70s, who they could deal with while I slept, as they were surely more poorly than me; Once I had turned a corner later in the week, I was thinking I have to get up and walk about or I’ll never get out. So I decided to try going to the bathroom, which was about 20 yards away. I walked to the bathroom to use the toilet and I had to pull the red cord because I couldn’t get back out. Two nurses came in for me and that was the most embarrassing moment.

I’m a 15-stone bloke, I imagine myself fit and strong and I can’t get out of the toilet. They brought in a chair to wheel me out and an oxygen tank and they told me off for walking without oxygen. And I just remember apologizing and feeling humiliated.

Anthony Johnson’s explanation as a survivor encapsulates the importance of the vaccine jab as he emphatically states that “I can only urge footballers to sort out their priorities. Having the jab is 15 minutes out of your day. I wish I could turn back the clock, had it done earlier, and not had to live through the last six weeks”.

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