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Nigerian Troops Kill Over 17 Armed Bandits In Katsina, Zamfara

In its sustained fight against the activities of bandits who have virtually run over many northern states in Nigeria, the Nigerian Army has said that its troops have killed over 17 armed bandits in separate operations in Katsina and Zamfara states respectively.

In an operation update released the late night of Thursday, Major General John Enenche, Coordinator of Defence Media Operations, (CDMO), said some of the armed bandits escaped with gunshot wounds.
General Enenche said the operations were conducted by the Air Component of Operation HADARIN DAJI in the two states from 21 to 23 December 2020.

“The operations in Katsina State included an airstrike executed on 22 December 2020 after intelligence reports indicated that a group of bandits, armed with high calibre weapons, had rustled some cattle and attacked commuters along the Batsari-Jibia Road.
“The bandits, who were reportedly retreating with the stolen livestock towards Garin Labo, were tracked and located by a Nigerian Air Force (NAF) attack helicopter, as they were heading towards Runka Forest.

“The helicopter unleashed a heavy barrage of rocket fire on the bandits, killing no fewer than 21 of them, as later confirmed by Human Intelligence (HUMINT) sources”, the military operation’s spokesman stated. 
In a similar development, he said on the same day, an attack helicopter on night armed reconnaissance mission over Tsambre Hill and Dunya Forest in Katsina State spotted another group of armed bandits in the Forest. 

“The bandits were engaged by the helicopter leading to the neutralization of 17 of them while some escaped with gunshot wounds. 
“The operations in Zamfara State were conducted on 21 and 23 December 2020 sequel to credible HUMINT reports that led to the identification of the hideouts of bandits terrorizing communities in Konama District of Maru Local Government Area (LGA) in Zamfara State.

“The Air Component dispatched its attack helicopters to engage the bandits’ hideouts at Yan Uku, neutralizing several of them”, the CDMO said.

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