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La Fete Arms4Life Project @ Kingtom Bomeh, in Freetown

In the midst of the ongoing pandemic across the world, leading to various lockdowns and sit at home by various governments of nations.

La Fete took a step further to show milk of kindness by reaching out to people at the Kingtom Bomeh Community in Freetown, Sierra Leone through its Project initiative captioned Arms4Life.

Speaking at the charity event, Maraya Mushka, explained that is a way of reaching out to people in the society and the people of Kingdom Bomeh Community are first recipients from the initiative. The items include Rice, Onion, Milk, Sugar which were packed in taking away nylon bags and boxes of Cornflakes given to nursing mothers.

Members of the host community comprising of women, men, and young children turned out in large numbers to receive the La Fete team and confirmed that it is the first time, in the history of the community that such gesture is accorded to them.

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