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Bobby Brown Shows Love For Late Wife, Slams Friend For Whitney Joke

They might actually not be the best of friends before her death in 2012 but Bobby Brown is still very much fond of late ex-wife, Whitney Houston as he chided ‘friend of the family’, Chris Rock, for making a joke out of his late wife in Houston Texas on Tuesday.

The ‘Two Can Play That Game’ hit-maker was unimpressed when the 54-year-old comedian shared a meme on Instagram at the weekend which featured the ‘I Will Always Love You’ singer – who accidentally drowned in a bath in 2012 as a result of heart disease and cocaine use – looking unenthusiastic.

Bobby – who was married to Whitney from 1992 to 2007 – then his out at his “friend” for trying to “humiliate” his ex-wife.

He commented: “During this time of women empowerment you chose to use your time to try and humiliate our QUEEN!

“I thought you was a friend of the family.(sic)”

The former ‘Saturday Night Live’ star eventually deleted the post, but still faced criticism for being “disrespectful” from other followers.

TV producer Elgin Charles furiously tweeted: “I was already disappointed in Chris Rock (who I’ve known for years) for finding humor in Louis C.K. & Ricky Gervais’ use of the N-word. Now he’s making fun of my dearly departed friend, Whitney Houston, on IG. Addiction is NOT a laughing matter (sic)”

And another fan posted: “Not cool @chrisrock. I was a fan & had respect for you! Now I’m just disappointed at your lack of respect to an Icon & Lack Of considération to her family & Loved Ones. It Ain’t Funny Bullying a dead person Shame On You. (sic)”

Last year, Bobby blasted Kanye West for his “disgusting” decision to pay a reported $85,000 for a photo of Whitney’s drug-filled bathroom to use on Pusha T’s ‘Daytona’ album, which was released through the ‘Stronger’ hitmaker’s GOOD Music label.

He fumed: “Why would he post that on his album cover? That’s really disgusting that he would do that. That’s in really bad taste.”

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