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Four Bees Live In Taiwan Woman’s Eye, Feed on Her Tears

How could that be possible, someone will certainly ask as four sweat bees were found living in a woman’s eyes and feeding on her tears.

According to information obtained from Asian One, A woman from Taiwan was diagnosed to be having four live sweat bees inside her eyes. The incident, according to doctors from Fooyin University Hospital in Taiwan’s southern county of Pingtung, who reported as told by the woman simply referred as Mr. He, the woman was cleaning up the grave of a relative when it happened.

She said that while pulling out a weed, wind blew and she felt that sand entered her eyes. Robbing it and washing her eyes with water, as is the case with impulse, she continued with her work. But later, she started feeling a sharp pain in her left eye and started constantly tearing up.

She was taking to the hospital where ophthalmologists were shocked to find four live sweat bees feeding on her eye like it was a salt lick.

“We were visiting and tidying a relative’s grave, and I was squatted down pulling out weeds,” Ms. He recalled. “I felt wind blowing into my face, then I felt something in my eye which I thought was sand or dirt. I cleaned my eye using water but it started hurting a lot at night, a sharp pain, and I was tearing up.”

The young woman had swollen eyelids and was suffering from cellulitis and keratitis – a skin infection and an inflammation of the cornea – as a result of the small insects feeding on her eye for several hours.

 “I saw something that appeared to be insect legs, so I pulled them out under a microscope one at a time without damaging their bodies,” Dr Hung Chi-ting, the hospital’s head of ophthalmology, said. “They were four sweat bees.”

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