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Cape Town Police Sustain Probe Into Killing Of Restaurant Patron

Police in the Western Cape are probing a murder case after a patron at a restaurant was gunned down in broad daylight.

On Thursday, just before 3.00 pm, a 40-year-old man was shot and killed while sitting at the popular Gordon’s Bay eatery Talla’s Tavern.

CCTV footage which has been spread widely across social media platforms shows a strip along Beach Road and a man seated on the veranda of the establishment, enjoying his meal with his back to the road.

Opposite the road, a biker can be seen parking his motorbike. As soon as a vehicle passes, he crosses the road and walks towards Talla’s Tavern.

He pulls out the firearm from his black leather jacket, heads over to the patron, and shoots him at close range.

The gunman, wearing blue jeans and his bike helmet, can be seen waiting for the patron to drop to the floor before turning around and leaving.

He places the firearm in his pants, gets on his motorbike, and flees the scene.

Provincial police spokesperson Colonel Andre Traut confirmed the incident and said no arrests have been made.

“The circumstances surrounding the death of a 40-year-old man are being investigated after he was shot and killed while sitting on the veranda of a tavern in Gordon’s Bay yesterday afternoon at around 2.45 pm.

“The suspect fled the scene on a motorbike and is yet to be arrested,” Traut said.

Sources told African News Agency that the victim had links to the underworld; however, police did not respond to questions about gang affiliation.

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