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Terrorism: Another Mass Resignation Looms In Nigerian Army Over Low Morale, Poor Arms

According to an experienced defence correspondent of one of the leading newspapers in Nigeria, another set of mass resignation is expected soon in the Nigerian Army, as the soldiers are complaining of inadequate arms and ammunition to confront the Boko Haram insurgency and the Islamic State of West Africa currently killing the citizens in the North-East part of the country.

Recall that recently, about 365 soldiers resigned from the Nigerian Armed Forces citing such frivolous reasons as going to take the chieftaincy of their communities as the reason.
However, on several occasions in the North East, soldiers have had to confront their commanders over poor fighting equipment, saying it was hard for them to confront the well equipped Boko Haram insurgents with better arms.

For example, on June 22, 2020, Lance Corporal Martin’s Idakpeni, a video that went viral, condemned the Nigerian Chief of Army Staff another service chiefs for their lackadaisical attitude to the fight against the insurgency, which he said had less to the deaths of many Nigerians and soldiers. He is today being court-marshalled. 
There is obvious frustration in the formations fighting insurgency in Nigeria as a result of hunger and poor military hardware for the fight.

Speaking to our correspondent, the defence correspondent who has covered the army for more than fifteen years, said either mutiny or mass resignation is looming in the army because the soldiers, especially those fighting insurgency, are frustrated and angry.
“Before it was 365; I can tell you that more resignations are expected.
“Some of the soldiers are even planning mutiny because the conditions are bad over there.

“Some of them who can complain has been saying some of their colleagues die not from gunshots from Boko Haram but from hunger.
“Worse is that they said their allowances are hardly paid.
“Honestly base on my years of reporting defence, those guys are suffering there and we may just witness another resignation soon,” the defence reportage expert told our correspondent.

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