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The World Will End Any Day I Don’t Have Sex – Ghanaian Pastor

Prophet Kumchacha, the founder of Heaven’s Gate Ministry based in Ghana, has stated that he is neither a one-minute man nor one of those men who are lazy in bed and are unable to satisfy their partners, revealing that the world would come to an end if he doesn’t have sex in a day.

The clergy, according to an online medium, who further revealed that he has a total of 35 romantic sex styles,  added that they are meant for the satisfaction of his wife and also for himself. 

Unlike some men who shy away from openly discussing their sexual lifestyles; he described himself as a sex addict. The pastor also doubted if any woman who doesn’t like too much sex can be his partner.

“I have 35 sex styles; so you can’t be my wife and be saying you’re tired of having sex; no matter how tired you are; you must avail yourself to me anytime l want it.

Recall that a few days ago, the Ghanaian Pastor said any woman who screams the name of God or Jesus Christ when having sex, will end up in hell. The cleric, while appearing on a live program on UTV said: “Whether you are making the love with your husband or boyfriend, once you scream the name of Jesus Christ while in the act, there is no way you will not go to hell.”Attachments area

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